Why we are the right choice for expats?


We are a friendly and efficient family business

The company is owned by a local and an expatriate with multicultural exposure who have resided in Ho Chi Minh City for the last 10 years and have a thorough understanding and experience of tenants’ needs.

Being a family business allows us to do many thing that big corporations can’t do.

  • We make quick decisions.
  • We follow up with our customers
  • We offer serious after-sales service
  • You can speak directly to us – business owners who truly care about the quality of customer service.

Besides that, as citizens living in the “expat district”, we are able to help you with all the needs to settle down here, in this peaceful area. We can give you genuine advice on location, facilities and potential problems that you may not be aware of, when buying/renting an apartment here.

That also does not mean we are not capable of helping you with other areas that expats like to live in Ho Chi Minh City. The same honest, strict and professional process will be carried over to all the properties that we own. We always strive to give our customers peace of mind.

Communication is NOT a problem

If you struggle with previous real estate agents, don’t worry – you have come to the right place. We speak fluent English, always answer our phone calls and are very responsive with email. Do not hesitate to contact us however you want.

We always provide correct information to our customers

Marketing is important, and so is being reliable. When we market a property, we will never give false information about its current conditions . We know that trust not just a factor, but the reason why a business survives and grows.

All the pictures of our properties are always taken by us. We check every single property before listing them on this website and we make sure their price reflects the correct values that they offer to our customers.